9 usd to gbp 2018


The Euro rose slightly in early Asian trading on Monday, as it looks like we are ready to continue going higher. If we can break above the highs from the Friday …

The EUR/USD pair broke down significantly on Tuesday again, breaking down below the 1.19 handle, and reaching below the 1.1850 level at one point during …

The EUR/USD pair initially fell on Friday again, but found enough support based upon the daily uptrend line that we have been paying attention to for some time.

The EUR/USD pair rallied significantly during trading on Thursday, reaching towards the 1.17 level and even the 1.1725 level after that. The 50 day EMA seems …

The EUR/USD pair broke down a bit during the day on Wednesday but found support near the 1.1950 level as the FOMC statement came out relatively benign.


University of South Dakota – USD

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

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